Key Features

Data upload
Uploading your data is very simple. Using the Compass Reports data upload system users are guided through a series of steps to ensure that subjects are matched correctly and the correct grades are used.

Data modelling
The cloning tool allows you to model different scenarios on your data enabling you to see the results of various simulations. You can model the effect of increasing/decreasing all grades by 1 or 2 grades, or any moving grade entered using the +ve / -ve notation (eg 6+ / 7-) to go up/down accordingly. This is a powerful tool highlighting how much improvement might be needed to reach the target measure.

Disapplied Students
Choose which students are included in your reports by setting those who could be disapplied. View reports with these students included or omitted.

Subject Database
Knowing which course students are following can be surprisingly difficult for data managers. The Compass Reports Subject Database is an up to date database of all subjects that are approved by the Department for Education. This is a very useful tool for checking the titles of courses and the grade schemes used.

Key Stage 2 Fine Level Score
Accurate Key Stage 2 data is vitally important for an accruate Progess 8 measure. The Compass Reports KS2 tool to upload raw KS2 scores for accurate KS2 Fine Level Scores, ensuring an accurate Progress 8 estimate.